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Superpsyched Ears is an exhibition part of the online seminar given by Daisuke Ishida on the Summer semester 2020 of the master program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts UDK Berlin.

Psychoacoustics is the interdisciplinary scientific study of sound perception and audiology, specifically the study of psychological responses associated with sound. Perception of sound or vibration in general is not simply about detection, but just as much about cognition and psychological implications and effects. Human auditory perception is defined by our physical abilities and restrictions. Other species’ capabilities surpass that of human perception and much of “hearing” is filtered, selected and sorted unconsciously. The step between auditory perception and illusion is small. How can we approach these fundamental capabilities and restrictions of human perception artistically?


Memory VoidAnna Phaenarete Lioka
Arthouse game / Simulation / Remembrance / Oblivion
Ear Hear Ear DoBen Glas
Experimental / Experiential / Physiological Music
CistemGenesis Victoria
Queer Theory / Non-Binary / Subversion / Voice
TrinityHaku Sungho
Composition / In Phase / Out of Phase
Un abrazo y estamos hablando (A Hug and We’ll Be Speaking)Juan Sebastián Aguilar
Sound / Verbal transformation / Semantics
ChronopoemsMartin Moolhuijsen
While I was on a swingSibi Abhimanue
Anamnesis / Deep Memory Recall
A Mouthful spellTat Sham
Audiovisual stimulus / Wrong mouth / Identity