Argentinian sound artist and electronic musician Alejandro Mosso presents his latest installation work called Vibranta Nebulozo at SoundsAbout gallery.

about the piece:
A light and sound installation that wonders into natural vibrational phenomena synchronizing sound and light frequencies, creating a tone and colour landscape of movements through cymatics and synesthesia. A sort of looking glass into a hidden world.

about the artist:
Alejandro Mosso is an Argentinian electronic music composer, live performer and sound artist based in Berlin. With an extended career in electronic music, he now expands his artistic practice into sound and light installation art.​

vernissage: 21.11 / 18:00
opening hours: 22-23.11 / 16:00-21:00

SoundsAbout is a collaboration between the MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts students and the gallery Zwitschermachine- Potsdamer Straße 161, 10783 Berlin