Water≈sound≈city is a group exhibition curated by Francisco Petrucci.

about the exhibition:
Water≈sound≈city is an group exhibition that has the purpose of sounding actual relations to water and the aquatic.featuring installations, performances, audio & audiovisual pieces, and researches by artists from various backgrounds, The aim of this exhibition is to contribute with new senses and perspectives to a long and vast lineage of human-water relations.

Participating artists:
Diane Barbé
Kayla Elrod
Cru Encarnação
Filipe Felizardo
Nina Guo
Yun-Chu Liang
Margarida Mendes
Aodhagán O’Flaherty
Isabella Asp Onsjö
Eulàlia Rovira + Adrian Schindler
Ragnhild May + Morten Winther Nielsen + Kristoffer Raasted
Ani Samperi
Katharina Schmidt
Nina Guo + Auguste Vickunaitė

Vernissage: Friday 29/11, 18h
18h: Dj Set Sumbu Dunia
19h: Cru Encarnação – “uncycled” – live asrm and performance-installation
20h: Nina Guo – 3 Fluxus Water Pieces – performance
20h30: Aodhagán O’Flaherty – “Vanishing point 1.1 (On the cusp)” – performance
21h: Nina Vickunaitė + Auguste Guo – voice + tape duo live

Saturday 30/11
18h: Dj Set TBA
19h: Cru Encarnação – “uncycled” – live asrm and performance-installation
19h30: Filipe Felizardo – “Frog Turd in a Pond”, listening session / q&a
20h30: Preshivers – tba

Sunday 01/1
18h: Katharina Schmidt – The Waves – listening session
19h: Eulàlia Rovira + Adrian Schindler – “Keel/Reef” screening + q&a
20h: Nina Guo + Auguste Vickunaitė – Performance + Screening

SoundsAbout is a collaboration between the MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts students and the gallery Zwitschermachine- Potsdamer Straße 161, 10783 Berlin.