28 – 30 Jan

Opening Night Jan 28, 18:00 – 22:00
Other daily opening times: 14:00 – 19:00

The EVENT – Rosetta Variations
sound objects
16-channel audio, metal grid, small speakers, cable

Within the Rosetta mission the European Space Agency (ESA) published in 2014 detected waves of the comet 67/P and announced: “Scientists working on Rosetta’s RPC instrument has uncovered a mysterious song that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is singing into space.” The data showed amazing rhythmic structures, which were transferred into the audible range mainly by transposition, to be framed as a song and a singing comet. What are these events that read like double framing? The first: Our attitude towards nature has become a technical one. Our human senses are so technically enhanced that we can perceive rhythmic magnetic oscillations 400 million kilometers away. The second event is a fantastic one: a crossing of cosmic distance and all technical processes of sonification in between – the fantastic object of a singing comet, ecstasy as a mode of perception. The installation uses the sound files published at the time by the European Space Agency and in turn traverses the frames of perception. What is the real?

Ereignisse bezeichnen etwas, das den herkömmlichen Lauf der Dinge unterbricht,… eine Enthüllung des Seins. Ein Spalt zwischen Ursache und Effekt. (Slavoi Zizek, 2014)

About the artist:

Udo Koloska is a sound artist, composer for stage music and performer in the field of experimental and electronic music. Based in Potsdam and Berlin. His installation works reflect the mediality of sound and video. He investigates and experiments with the technical materiality of media as reality. Likewise, they trace references, social influences and personal choices in the chain between recording and media presentation in a gallery. On various levels, time and the relationship to the now and the not-now is an essential anchor point.