MAR 14 – 15

Tuesday 14th: 7pm-8pm

Wednesday 15th: 7pm-8pm

Linguistically, there is a subtle difference between someone playing a musical instrument

and someone playing with a musical instrument.

The performance explores and develops vibrations, sounds and noises produced by the

saxophone body: Vibrations of the metal, sounds of the key mechanism and air currents –

part of the agency of an object, its materiality and form. The sound is not the

interpretation of a musical idea, it arises from a physical bodily improvisation that

connects player and saxophone.

About the Artist: 

Udo Koloska is a Potsdam based composer, performer and sound artist. His works move between different art forms and media from theatre to installative works to performance and experimental music. His works reflect the materiality and mediality of sound and vision.