Trinity – Haku Sungho

Composition / In Phase / Out of Phase

Please listen to this work with a pair of speakers(stereo) in order to experience structural, and auditory spatiality by means of the properties of the phase. If you start to feel sick while listening, please stop playing it immediately.
Where does the sound come from?  
This work “Trinity” is composed of elements of that bizarre, and elusive spatiality that emerges through phase inversion. Some of the passages which recorded using a modular synthesizer,  are cut into smaller units and, with those phase inversions, create not only musical but also intricate spatial rhythms. As it can be perceived the same sound source appears as a completely different type of three-dimensional sound image through inversion, phase has the potential to create a material or sculptural sound image that is different from the usual stereo image. This  effect cannot be achieved with earphones or headphones, so listen with a pair of speakers.