“Organ Candy” (Orb Tapes) EP Release Show

24. November 2023

Following Soft as Snow’s recent releases “Bit Rot” and “Massage” on Infinite Machine and Jollies Records respectively, this new collection of tracks continues the endeavor of illuminating our own abstracted and refracted realities. The smoothness of a black screen is mirrored in an ethereal, half-whispered vocal line while the jagged and jarring physical circumstances of our world are reflected in an accompanying wave of crunching, deteriorating synth wails. “Organ Candy” is a coexisting of these two worlds, a recognition of their inextricable link – dreamlike and bleak, ensnaring and liberating. The duo’s music contains an alluring thread of the recognizable couched in an undoing of that same familiarity, or what The Wire succinctly describes as “electronic music pushed to the brink of collapse.” The EP features artwork from a weave sculpture by Norwegian artist Camilla Steinum and saxophone contributions from David Meng-Chuen Chen. 

Doors open at 18:00

Featuring: visual work by Serge Sanchez, DJ set by DJ Knive (Svarte Geiner) ± Special Guests