FEB 27 – 29

Opening Friday 27th – 19:00-22:00 

Saturday 28th – 14:00 – 19:00

Sunday 29td – 14:00 – 19:00

If you could choose a sonic memory to heal, forget or replace in your mind, which

memory would that be?

With the help of futuristic artificial intelligence, an imaginary machine uses non invasive

technology to directly interface with the human brain, gaining access to the sounds of

their past. In turn, sonic memories of the past, present and future can be synthesized by

the machine to be [re]experience by the user in the realm of the memories, fiction and reality

are intertwined into a single experience.

Here, two correlated sound layers blend the seemingly real and the imaginary.

The growing sonic archive of memories is a network of personal relationships. Visitors

are invited on site to share a memory of their own, contributing by feeding new input to

the expanding archive.

About the Artists: 

Moana Holenstein

Hello. I am a new media artist and sound person from Zurich, but I have had the pleasure

to call many places “home”. As an inherent audiophile, I am currently concerned with

exploring diverse sonic perspectives of human and non-human listeners. My practice

includes work with field recordings, found footage, and primarily subtractive synthesis

which I use to build collages in the form of generative and interactive systems, as well as

multichannel/binaural audio experiences. Working as a scientific research assistant for

the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunication has sparked my interest in the future

development of immersive audio technology and the effects of human-induced noise

pollution. In my artistic practice, I benefit from experience with empirical research and

vice versa. Other recent works focus on the intersection and interaction between humans,

nature, and technology. I hope to contribute ideas and solutions that will benefit all three.

Malu Serafim

Curator, producer and DJ. Graduated in Visual Arts at the University of Brasília (UnB) at

2022 and is now doing a masters on Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Universitat der

Kunste Berlin (Udk). Conducted, in 2018, the group exhibition “Pélago” at Galeria Pilastra

and in 2019, the solo exhibition of João Trevisan, “Corpo Breve Instante”, as well as

accompanying the residence of the Dutch artist Andre Kruysen, which resulted in the

exhibition Sculpture Loves Modernism, both at Galeria Karla Osorio. She has participated

as a production assistant, accompanying Galeria Karla Osorio, in several art fairs, such as

India Art Fair (New Delhi), SP Arte, Volta NY, among others. Member of the cultural

collective SNM has produced several urban occupations and parties such as Crying Club

and SNM Sessions.

Victor Burton

Electro-instrumental composer, sound engineer and rhythmicist from Montréal. Victor

composes music with specific considerateness for oblique rhythmic structures,

unconventional notation techniques, indeterminacy and site-specificity. He curated and

documented the concert series experior, an event in which Montréal-based musicians of

seemingly contrasting milieux presented their new creations and recent explorations.

During the summer of 2020, he organised 15 outdoor sessions of rhythmic investigations

derived from concepts developed by German drummer Jaki Liebezeit. At times, he coacts

in dance projects and contributes sonically to video work.