24 Feb

19:00 – 22:00


This evening of performances and lectures will not take place in our usual location at the gallery, but rather in the UdK’s building at Lietzenburger str. 45, in room 102

Doors: 18:30
Mitchell Keaney – 19:00
JCJP-030 – 20:00 – 21:00

Mitchell Keaney: Nine Fixations of a Listener

Nine Fixations of a Listeners is a performance/lecture focused on understanding oneself within the context of sound art praxis. Mitchell will present some of his research on interconnected personality types, ego fixations, mysticism, and making work that is authentic to oneself and their desires. The presentation will draw upon the traditional teachings of the Enneagram, the Jungian “Shadow Self”, and a notion that “How you do one thing is how you do everything”. Participants /attendees are encouraged to bring a notebook and a writing utensil.

About the artist:
Mitchell Keaney (b. 1992) is from the suburbs of the Salt River Valley.

JCJP-030: Berlin/Brandenburg

JCJP-030 is a Berlin based trio consisting of video artist Carolina Ovando (CL), filmmaker James Pain (AU) and musician Juan Pablo de Lucca (AR). The group combines field recordings, modular synths, experimental cinematography, and live video mapping to create an interdisciplinary and immersive mode of storytelling. Initially conceived as a livestream during the lockdown months of 2020, the project has since been adapted to also suit a live performance experience.

Their audiovisual performance “Berlin / Brandenburg” is personal reflection upon social and environmental issues using recorded material from Berlin and Brandenburg ́s public spaces. The piece is centered around the themes of perception and reality, natural and urban environments, and the relation between humans and technology.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyBvN6KmI3k&list=PLrIBZ3ZHuAI4hW-ff0jjg33Am8J6ER6Bk
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jcjp-030

About the artists:
Juan Pablo de Lucca is an Argentinian composer and producer based in Berlin. Drawing from a wide range of musical traditions, his work combines acoustic instrumentation, field recordings and electronic music. He has written music for chamber orchestras and mixed ensembles, theater, dance, and media.
Carolina Ovando is a Chilean visual artist and media designer. She currently lives and works in Berlin, where she explores different video techniques such as glitch, mapping, and sound reactivity in analog and digital format.
James Pain is a filmmaker and musician who moved to Berlin in 2018 in the pursuit of creative projects. He films documentaries and music videos, works as a consultant for streaming and video solutions, and performs as a session drummer for punk rock bands.