Installation by Yu-Chin Chen

2-4. February 2024

“Landscape, Memory, and Time: Waves” is a real-time generative visual and soundscape project that explores the collective memory of the ocean from the perspective of listening and digital data translation. From field recordings of the sea, memories by the beach, to imaginative renderings of the ocean, a digital soundscape is composed by sampling and re-synthesizing these audio files sourced from individuals on the internet in real-time through algorithms. The visual presents a virtual coastal scene by simulating the images of waves and sun generated from analyzed sound wave data. In the process of transformation between physical waves, sound waves and visual waves, this work presents a slow, contemplative landscape situated in the corner of the accelerated and information overload cyberspace.

Yu-Chin CHEN, born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Yu-Chin‘s work focused on the senses of harmony/disharmony and association/disassociation between the self and the world. Through her interest in and practice of bodily perception and integration of space into the creative process, she further draws attention to how the self experiences and perceive time and space, and how they shape our sense of physical presence and embodiment, or vice versa.


02. February 18:00 – 21:00

Opening Times:

03. February 13:00 – 19:00  

04. February13:00 – 16:00