Installation by Miguel Caldas

23-26. February 2024

“Houses are really bodies. We connect ourselves with walls, roofs, and objects just as we hang on to our
livers, skeletons, flesh and blood stream”

Leonora Carrington – The Hearing Trumpet

My entire life I dwelled in Theatres, I linger in them, sleep and eat in them, loiter in them, fill them
with sound and work myself to exhaustion in them. I am now – until recently – recording the sound
of Theatres when they are not occupied by performance, setup or rehearsal; I record them when
their performance halls are deserted and their buildings are as uninhabited as possible. I started
collecting them expecting the Theatres to come forward and not be shy in sounding their own
voices – which I’m not sure it even exists.

This installation is the first showing of an action that will probably never end. It’s also an invitation
to listen to the Theatre venues that I have collected so far, and an attempt to share them
collectively to put them forward as performers. When these performance houses are not
occupied, are they in a resting state just existing dormant, idle and silent? Is their purpose to just
resonate whatever plays inside them in the moment or are they continuously echoing their insides,
their outsides, their pasts and presents?

Miguel Caldas, (São Paulo, 1986) is a sound designer, musician and composer. Works mainly in
Theatre and Dance as a collaborator who translates staging and dramaturgical concepts into
sound and who practices within the indivisibility between composition and technical sound
design. Lately has been expanding his practices into sculpture and installation works and studying
the M.A. program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts in Berlin.

23. February 18:00-22:00

Opening times:
24-26. February: 18:00-22:00