Nov 4-6

Friday opening 4th Nov 18:00-22:00

Saturday 5th Nov 14:00-20:00

Sunday 6th Nov 12:00-18:00

Following Henry Lefebvre’s ideas, urban space is not simply an inanimate place filled by people. It is conceived, perceived and lived, therefore dependent from social dynamics and political contexts. Who does the city belong to? Who is free to walk the streets? Today, city soundscapes feature endless street harassment. It targets physical bodies and resonates in mental spaces. Hey bitch ! Is a looping sound installation inspired by Bernhard Leitner TON-LIEGE (1975). The audience is invited to sit down, re-appropriate their body and reflect on its place in its environment. The chair, made of palette wood, integrates perfectly in an urban space and transmits the vibrations emitted by transducers to the listener’s body. The soundtrack is composed of common verbal catcalling insults, such as “bitch”, “slut”, and more….redesigned and recycled as a healing sonic massage. How does your body resonate to this? How do you reclaim your space? You can take your shoes off if you feel comfortable. The soundtrack is looping, you have time.

About the Artist:

Photo by Jo Pollux

Salomé Lubczanski (they/them) is a Berlin queer artist. Violin maker by trade, they build sound installations and make films to reflects on feminism, sexualities and gender.