Performance evening

16. March 2024

Umbral (Loris Foti) and OVSICORI: Mother Language Sound System
Listening session (Visuals by Yu-chin Chen) 

The album explores the origins and divergence of languages. How some intimately relate among each other, about the possibilities of understandings—or misunderstandings—that we all eventually experience by sharing with people from around different places. Identity by the language and identity by the words. By the language and the words we use in the different spaces we inhabit and transit through our lifetimes; Until what extent are we sculpted and affected by what we vocalize and expel with our mouths? 

Jeremy Segal 

Jeremy is a musician and sound artist from Perth, Australia, now living in Berlin. He makes electronic music, plays in bands, and sometimes works as a recording and mixing engineer. He will be performing works-in -progress with his laptop and favourite synthesiser.

Maggie Smith: Mother and Plankton 
Experimental Documentary Screening

Mothers’ and Nature necessitate life, both have great potential to protect and help us grow. After spending months on Vancouver living with marine biologist and water conservationist, Jill Robinson, I not only was fortunate to study plankton migration due to water temperature changes but also spent time with her family. From this experience I created an experimental integrated media documentary connecting marine life and mother life. Zoo plankton and Krill are species at the very bottom of the food chain dependent on light, sea temperature and nutrients. I compare them to the role of the Mother because almost everything else depends on them for survival from small fish, seabirds up to huge whales. Plankton plays such a huge role on marine migrations and distributions across the globe which has shifted significantly as a result of changing climates, the changing oceans currents and shifting sea ice regimes.

Germaine Png: Itchy scratchy is my tummy

In a ritual to aid a humanly digestion, a being mixes a potion, moves, and prays in hopes of summoning the solid-shit demon.

21:00- 21:30
Mariano Rosales 

Mariano Rosales is a SoundS student experimenting with different formats: writings, computer music, installations, and performances. Some of his works deal with questions of locality, displacement, sound archives and community.