Feb 25-28

Vernissage Feb 25, 18:00 – 22:00
Other daily opening times: 14:00 – 22:00

The exhibition will feature a sculpture and studies exploring silence and the concept of virtuality. These objects are made entirely with wax-paraffin and inspired in their design by components of technical devices and their relation to sound, such as loudspeakers, letters and images. Luciani’s fascination for wax comes from its ability to embed both solid and liquid states and from the belief that sound and silence can emotionally share the same hazard. Exposing their technological nature through a silent form, these objects re-enact their nature from a spiritual-mental perspective in which the associations are left free to exercise meanings, strategies and the power of becoming silent.  

A body of information which both grounds and confuses the transmission of a signal, both as object, symbol and sign. At the extreme limits of abstraction, this reality is what is suppressed—the speaker is virtually irrelevant to the function it plays, the letter virtually irrelevant to the sign. The drama of a sound is the drama of a language. Devices of power and technological machines are intertwined in their symbolic representation. The vowel as a vessel, a storage technology, an absent sound, a forgotten sound. 

About the artist:
Davide Luciani is an electronic music composer, visual and sound artist, currently based in Berlin. His research investigates the aesthetics of absence, limit and materiality in the fields of sound, language, images and space. His sound practice is driven by a focus towards field recording techniques, multi-instrumentalism, sonic manipulation and the relations between spaces and loudness.He is the co-founder of Mote Studio, an art and sound studio run in collaboration with sound artist Fabio Perletta. He is currently a MA candidate at Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Udk Berlin.