Installation by Nithin Shams

19-28. January 2024

An installation using the sounds of the Azans that ripple across India’s cities and villages. The piece is a surround sound immersive installation where each speaker represents a mosque to create a sonic experience of listening to an imagined space where multiple mosques are sounding at the same time, with a delay, creating a psychedelic situation.

As part of the Vernissage we are showing the documentary In The Name Of God (1991) by Anand Patwardhan, followed by a discussion to give context to the political history of the piece.


19. January 16:30-22:00
Film screening from 19:00

Opening times:

20. January: 14:00-10:00

21. January: 12:00-10.00

Musician and sound artist Nithin Shamsudhin is interested in creating listening spaces that allow for altered perception(s). Subverting the dominant ocular-visual modes, Nithin is interested in creating/inviting experiences that propose ‘listening’ as a practice of opening portals to disarm preconceived ways of thinking-being-perceiving. The artist asks himself and his audience, “Can I listen without the influence of my internal dialogue? Can I listen to sounds outside of myself by trying to settle into silence within?” Memory, experience and sound become interlinked for Nithin as he documents and composes a common phenomenon that he would remember from childhood. He speaks about wanting to challenge “regular modes of listening”, and through his sound installations, improvisations and compositions, the artist seeks to create shifts in awareness and dissolve the space between the self and the other.