Installation by Donatas Norušis

1-3.March 2024

Altitude Sickness is a set of settings that exist between ceremony and game – a ritual-like environment that exists without a particular faith other than in the act itself. Central to this narrative is the role of speech and language in the comprehension of the character development and its relationship to the perpetual circular systems, in an exploration of time and the potential for manipulation within its domain.

The physical environment where works exist is consequential; what holds significance is their ability to materialize through self-division, serving as agents capable of reshaping the perceived reality. From the inherent temporal suspension found in virtuality and ritualistic endeavors, it allows for a constant update in the encounter’s duration. Reality going through a traversal of layers that are permanently updated by the characters presented to us and our perception of them.

Donatas Norušis (b. 1990) is a Lithuanian artist based in Berlin. Using sound as a core medium, his practice encompasses installation, video art and performance. By positioning technology as a silent yet omnipresent background to the artwork, Donatas focuses on developing narratives that explore the individual’s relationship to memory, fiction, and the temporality of the moment.

01. March:18:00-22:00
Performance: 19:00

Opening times:
02-03. March: 12:00-18:00