Installation by Thomas Lea Clarke

9-11. February 2024

“Again, but not the same” is a multichannel sound installation by the artist Thomas Lea Clarke that uses four vinyl turntables and locked groove vinyl loops to evoke contemplation on the ideas of time, repetition and difference, rhythm and decay.

Four locked grooves play continuously, drifting and overlapping, falling in and out of phase and synchronicity, creating complex polyrhythms as well as moments of tension and harmony whilst gradually degrading. The evolving patterns challenge preconceived notions of structure and sequencing, inviting the listener to question the dichotomy between predictability and randomness. 

As time moves on and the loops drift back in and out time, the interactions between the turntables introduces a complex temporal architecture, where moments of convergence and divergence redefine the listeners perception of time itself. 

The opening night of the exhibition will feature a live performance by Clarke, using the material of the installation to layer and blend the various loops to create an improvisational composition. Furthermore, Clarke will hold a workshop on the 2nd day of the exhibition where participants will learn how to create their own locked grooves using vinyl records and a razor blade. Anybody who is interested in participating is asked to send an email to

Thomas Lea Clarke is a sound artist, DJ and journalist with a background in radio broadcasting who is currently studying the Masters program in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at UDK in Berlin. His artistic practice is concerned with the intersections of sound, music, technology, space and human experience.